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Greifswald Town Hall - Surface Sealing Against Pressing Water

Sealing procedure in accordance with historical specifications and monument conservation regulations prohibiting the use of materials which may damage the surfaces of the masonry.

Surface sealing of basement wall

against pressing (ground) water

  1. WEBAC® 5611 applied to exterior wall
  2. WEBAC® 5611 applied to interior wall 
    (up to approx. 50 cm above top edge of floor)
  3. WEBAC® Injection Tube installed
  4. Water resistant concrete floor installed
  5. Injection tube injected with WEBAC® 1403
  6. Interior plaster applied: floor/wall connection
    (also on WEBAC® 5611) for moisture discharge

An eventful history: Greifswald Town Hall was built in 1250 when the town received its town charter. In 1713 it burned down to its foundation, and in the mid-1990s penetrating moisture endangered the historic ribbed vaults.

Protection of the basement from penetrating moisture was of major importance, as the town hall was, among other things, to be used as a guest house and showroom and for the artisan market in the Advent season.