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PU Combi Injection Resins

WEBAC® 1500 CE

WEBAC® 1500 is a CE-certified PU combi injection resin for stopping water and for sealing injections.

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Range of Application

  • Crack repair in concrete according to EN 1504‑5
    (CE declaration of performance 2+)
  • Crack repair in masonry
  • Seepage in concrete
  • Sealing injection in concrete and masonry
  • Sealing of construction (gravel nests/honey combs)
  • Filing of cavities/voids in masonry and concrete
  • Damp proof course (dpc) in masonry, specially in case of high water load classes
  • Sealing of foundation pits


  • Available in cartridge
  • Mixing ratio 1 : 1
  • Fast curing with and without water
  • Fast sealing foam structure upon contact with water (pressing water)
  • Low viscosity
  • Elastic foam structure
  • Fast curing – permanent sealing
  • WEBAC® B15 for a fast foam reaction
  • Also suitable for use at low temperatures


PU combi injection resin WEBAC® 1500 for fast and permanent sealing processes

The hybrid resin WEBAC® 1500 quickly forms a dense foam upon water contact which provides for a permanent sealing effect. WEBAC® 1500 combines the positive properties of polyurethane foam resins and polyurethane resins and is therefore also referred to as hybrid resin. 

Hybrid resin WEBAC® 1500: the product's expansion depends on the water content

The hybrid resin WEBAC® 1500 is injected until resin emerges from the masonry and an even material distribution has thus been obtained. The temperature of the material and the structural elements influence the reaction time of the hybrid resin during the injection. WEBAC® 1500 should always be applied at temperatures above 5 °C. The water content determines the degree of expansion: at 5 % water content (and 21 °C) the material expands its volume by 12 times and by 10 times at 10 % water content.

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