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PU Injection Resins


WEBAC® B14 is an accelerator for reducing pot life and curing time specially at low temperatures, highly recommended in the cold season.

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Range of Application

  • Accelerates the reaction of PU injection resins WEBAC® 1403, WEBAC® 1403P and WEBAC® 1405


  • Add accelerator amount referring to total volume (component A + B)
  • Mix with component A immediately before use

WEBAC® B14: accelerator for PU injection resins

PU injection resins are used for crack repair in masonry and concrete. Classic PU resins from WEBAC are characterized by their good adhesion and high flexibility. Cracks injected with PU material remain leak proof also in case of limited crack width modifications or if the cracks are exposed to dynamic stress. 

The reaction speed of the injection resins depends on the temperature of the structural element and the material. The reaction is accelerated by higher temperatures and slowed down by lower temperatures. Addition of accelerator for PU resin shortens the reaction time in a targeted manner. 

Addition of WEBAC® B14 reduces the workable life of the injection resin

The accelerator for PU resin WEBAC® B14 is added to speed up the reaction of WEBAC PU injection resins WEBAC® 1403, WEBAC® 1403P and WEBAC® 1405. The workable life of injection resin WEBAC® 1403, for instance, amounts to 240 minutes at 10 °C. If 1 % of WEBAC® B14 is added to the resin, the reaction is accelerated. The resin's workable life then amounts to only 150 minutes. When adding 5 % of WEBAC®  B14 the injection resin WEBAC® 1403 cures much faster and its workable life is reduced to only 10 minutes. 

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