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Bikini Building Berlin - Structural Filling and Consolidation of Ceiling and Pillars

The “Bikini Building“ was completely gutted and demolished down to the concrete supporting structure. To restore the loadbearing capacity of the ceiling structure and the supporting pillars, cavities were filled and cracks structurally bonded.

Consolidation of the ceiling structure

Structural filling of cracks – for better loadbearing capacity

1 Localization of the reinforcement
2 Low-diameter drill holes
3 Mineral patching
4 Epoxy resin WEBAC® 4110 injected at low pressure



Consolidation of the pillar structure

Structural filling of cracks and cavities – for better loadbearing capacity

5 Low-diameter drill holes
6 Mineral patching
7 Epoxy resin WEBAC® 4110 injected at low pressure



The ”Bikini" Building was constructed between 1955 and 1957. The low-rise building has 6 floors and is 200 meters long. Originally there were shops in the lower part and production and administrative rooms and offices in the upper part. Its name was quickly coined: an open-sided storey with a view to the greenery on the second fl oor separates the building into an upper and a lower area, apparently reminding the people of Berlin of a bare midriff in a bikini, hence the name “Bikini“.

The “Bikini“ Building was closed in 1978 and renovated from 2010 until 2014, and is now known as ”Concept Mall Bikini Berlin“, a shopping mall with shops, a theater, bars and restaurants.