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Potsdam Town Wall - Bonded Surface Sealing

Last remains of the almost 300 year old town wall in the garrison town of Potsdam were saved from erosion caused among other things by pressing water and dissolved salts.

Bonded Surface Sealing

against pressing (ground) and surface water

1 Masonry exposed and jointing repaired



 1 Masonry exposed and jointing repaired


Potsdam, enclosed by a town wall since 1733, was expanded by the “Soldier King” Frederick William I in the 18th century. Afterwards, the wall did not primarily serve as a defense wall, but rather as protection from smuggling and desertion of the town’s soldiers.

Demolished to a large extent in the early 19th century, the remains are now under a preservation order.

The wall was built from bricks covered with tiles. It consisted of strong pillars connected by arches. Restoration of the original outer appearance and protection from moisture played a key role during the renovation process.