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Biesdorf Castle - Sealing Below Historical Surface and Facade Paint

Built in 1868, Biesdorf Castle was the residence of the family Siemens for over 30 years. In 1945 the castle was partially destroyed and exposed to decay until 2002. An elaborate reconstruction followed – also with WEBAC products.

Seal in the composite below historical surface on balconies

against surface water

1 Balcony floors exposed and leveled
2 WEBAC® 5611 applied
3 Floors covered with sheet metal



Seal in the composite below facade paint

against rainwater (surface water)

1 Column capitals reprofiled and leveled
2 WEBAC® 5611 applied3 Facade painted
3 Facade painted


Set in a 14-acre landscape park the building was very progressive at that time: there was electricity, a low pressure steam heater, fire alarm and a shaft pump. The T-shaped floor plan, the columned Pergolas and the octagonal, high tower reveals Italian role models.

Sealing measures with sealing system WEBAC® 5611 were carried out according to the specifications of the monument protection authority on the tower balconies and the capitals of the pillars of the arcade.