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City Railway “quickly” back in Use - Gel Injection

Injection with WEBAC® 240

The northern section of the Essen Traffic AG (EVAG) is a fast city railway connection between the towns of Essen and Gelsenkirchen. Parts of this section were inaugurated last year. Yet, the inner concrete shell showed cracks, some of which were even water-bearing, in the vicinity of the storage sidings at "Berliner Platz" railway station in Essen.

After testing several injection procedures, EVAG decided in favor of our proven WEBAC injection system based on WEBAC® 240 Injection Gel. This high-grade, quick-gelling and low-viscosity polyacrylic gel has excellent sealing qualities and is, compared to other gels, very flexible and stable. This is why it's capable of absorbing all regular movements in the building structure. This water-tight, solid and elastic gel is characterized by its good adhesion to dry and wet mineral surfaces and was the ideal solution to the city railway problem in technical and economical terms. A total of 9 blocks in the area between the inner concrete shell and the surrounding shotcrete was injected with WEBAC® 240 Injection Gel behind the existing filling material for joints (see photograph). After 14 days the cracks were successfully sealed.

The injection procedure with WEBAC® 240 was completed in the twinkling of an eye and hardly interrupted railway traffic, saving both time and money.