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Heringsdorf Railway Station, Usedom - Post-construction Exterior Sealing and DPC

Reorganization of the preciousness with proven WEBAC Products

Located on the island of Usedom in the North East of Germany is the Heringsdorf "Emperor's Spa", literally translated from the German "Kaiserbad". This seaside resort is surrounded by forest, dunes and the Baltic Sea and is very rich in tradition. 100 years ago, the German Emperor Wilhelm II used to come here for vacations enjoying the island's chic and illustrious lifestyle. Of course he was more than welcome on this sunny island. He used to travel by train from Berlin after the railway had been finished in 1894. Today the island's railway lines are being successfully operated by the Usedom Bäderbahn using most modern rail coaches.

As the old railway buildings crumble faster than emperors' fame and glory, the Heringsdorf Railway Station was left in desperate need of repair. In fall 1996, the track system of the Usedom's largest railway station was done up but the railway building itself was going to ruins.
This is why the layout engineers Raub and WEBAC were commissioned to elaborate a concept to save the building. According to their specifications, the company SPESA from Prenzlau carried out the necessary post-construction sealing procedures, of course using our proven WEBAC Products.

WEBAC® 5611 was used for installing a post-construction exterior sealing; PU Injection Resin WEBAC® 1403 was injected into the brickwork as horizontal water stop to counteract the rising dampness. Injection Gel WEBAC® 240 was injected into the brickwork of the over-built basement walls, and WEBAC Injection Tube was installed to seal the joints between the walls and the new concrete floor.

Alltogether, it took two years to complete this project. Now the historic railway station is fit and "dry" for the future - and the island visitors won't get wet feet before reaching the spa.