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Products for Special Solutions

There is hardly any sector subject to more and stricter regulations than the construction sector. And what still offers security and may be sensible when erecting new building, i.e. when processes and materials are predictable and calculable, often leads to almost insurmountable problems and hardly manageable situations when renovating buildings. In such cases, planners or companies on site very quickly have to face the question: should I rather use a product which is good and suitable for the purpose or a generally tested and approved product? WEBAC deals with special solutions of this kind. And we do not shy away from unusual or even exotic application ranges.

Take, for example, the scuba diver who repairs a quay wall after a minor collision with a tug in Hamburg harbor to prevent water from penetrating and freezing in winter and thus causing more severe damage. Here, tested and supervised repair mortars provided with umpteen conformity marks from relevant standards more than reach their limits. But WEBAC can do it! - naturally using a special repair mortar.

And contaminated concrete substrates often exposed to the soil, wall or ceiling, in biogas plants or silos ... or inaccessible in small or large cracks have become a real classic. For these critical conditions, we meanwhile offer our own range of various solutions - including different viscosities and penetration capacities, also at low temperatures - providing the ideal solution for virtually any application.

Everybody is talking about renewable energies and special wind power plants these days. Wind power stations can be found on almost every hill - and increasingly often off-shore. In view of the change in energy policy these plants are virtually condemned to function - with every failure the lights go out a little more. Due to the gigantic dimensions, ernomous - leveraged - powers are transmitted to the foundations. If cracks or instabilities are the result: the tough WEBAC  PU/EP resins are up for the challenge.

The WEBAC classics WEBAC® 1403 or WEBAC® 150 are also suitable for such special applications, often in combination. Take, for instance, an old masoned sewage tunnel suffering from severe water ingress. This cannot be handled with "normal" means, namely proven resins in their standard setting. But there are additives which can be used: an activator here, an accelerator there. And with combined forces, i.e. including WEBAC® B14 and WEBAC® B15, even the strongest water flow can be stopped. And the tunnel will, at least from the outside, be dry again.

Of course, not all these special applications are described in our technical documents. But our application engineers are familiar with the problems. Just contact us. We will be able to help you in most cases.