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Bergedorf Castle - Restoration of a Castle Complex

One of the most ancient buildings in Hamburg reconstructed with the help of WEBAC Products

The Bergedorf castle (early 13th century) is the only remaining medieval castle in the city of Hamburg still intact. Its grounds house a museum of local history and a castle tavern.

Today, these facilities laden with history provide a splendid ambience for weddings. Over the decades the ravages of time have taken their toll on the old walls. Numerous alterations to the former fortress have not only changed its outer appearance but also affected the building structure considerably. No doubt, this unique cultural gem must be preserved. The necessary reconstruction work long overdue started last summer and is proceeding with the help of WEBAC Materials.

WEBAC supplies the products for the post-construction sealing of walls by means of injection procedures. Test drillings showed that the basement walls and vaults consist of different materials. The exterior walls are partly made of several layers, up to 1.85 m thick and full of cavities up to 30 cm diameter. A combination of PU resins and acrylate gels was selected for the reconstruction offering the major advantages of both types of materials.
First of all, our PU Injection Foam Resin WEBAC® 150 was used to stop all pressing water. This way the construction was stable enough for further sealing measures. Existing cavities and gaps, some of which were extremely large, were then filled very economically with WEBAC® 150 which stands out to its strong foaming behavior (up to 4-fold expansion).
WEBAC® 1403, our standard PU Injection Resin, was then used to put into place horizontal water stops and to durably seal the total of 115 m² of brickwork.
Thick walls were injected with our polyacrylic gel WEBAC® 250 which spreads easily also in large brick work sections thanks to its amazingly low viscosity (comparable to water!) even at low injection pressure. This helps to protect plaster coatings and brickwork structures while penetrating and sealing all areas.

Upon conclusion of the sealing procedures in the basement the exterior walls of this wonderful castle are now being reconstructed so that brides and grooms will also in the future be able to take the marriage vows in this fantastic ambience.