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Coating critical surfaces - Renovating Floors in a Car-wash

A perfect solution with WEBAC® 4270

Renovating floors in car-washes and washing systems for other motor vehicles and rail vehicles has always been a real challenge both for manufacturers and applicants.
The unfavorable conditions they are faced with damp surfaces, contamination due to detergent concentrates, oil emulsions and insufficient surface stability, to name only a few. To make things even worse, the entire renovation must usually be concluded within merely 2 days. Nevertheless, all requirements to the coating, such as mechanical resistance, chemical resistance, visual appeal and slip resistance must be fulfilled 100%. Such critical surfaces in particular require a good primer which fulfills the following requirements: good wetting effect, resistance to dampness and wetness in the surface, resistance to rearside soaking, sealing effect on rising oil or alkalis, soil stabilization, excellent adhesion on critical surfaces.
Special primer WEBAC® 4270 fulfills all these requirements and has been officially tested for adhesive tensile strength and bubble formation in case of rearside soaking. WEBAC® 4270 is a solvent-free, water-reactive epoxy resin which has been specially designed for durably repairing wet, damp, dry and oily surfaces as they are found in washing systems. Following the surface pre-treatment WEBAC® 4270 is brushed into the surface to fill the pores and then coated with a textured levelling filler from the same product line.
In numerous cases these coating systems allowed for the renovation of floors in washing systems over the weekend so that these could be put back into operation on Monday morning.