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Warsaw's Metro - Sealings

18 tons of WEBAC PU Injection Resins for the underground construction in Warsaw

The first plans for the Warsaw Metro go back to the year 1925. Since 1995 the 1.6 million inhabitants of the Polish capital of Warsaw, are able to traverse their city comfortably underground. Now the Warsaw prestige object shall be expanded by another line of 20 km total length by 2011 envisaging an investment volume of 2.3 billion Euro. Another 100 km of rails covering 4 lines are being planned for the remote future.

Warsaw's inhabitants are very fond of their metro system. The 15 stations connect the North and the South of the city to the center. Only Polish companies were in charge of the underground construction work. The mining firm PeBeKa from Lubin, which has many years of experience in this field, was commissioned with the tunnel shell construction. PeBeKa was supported by the Warsaw company PRG Metro, a specialized metro subsidiary. The advance work was again and again obstructed by water veins carrying river sand and gravel, leading to leaks.

Since 1998, WEBAC PU Injection Foam Resins (WEBAC® 151, WEBAC® 157) have been used to successfully seal these leaks and to stabilize the river sand. Since 1999, one of the largest Polish construction firms, i.e. the company Hydrobudowa-6, has been commissioned with the completion of the underground tunnel construction and the metro stations. Thanks to the good experience with WEBAC Products, WEBAC PU Injection (Foam) Resins (WEBAC® 1403, WEBAC® 151, WEBAC® 157) have been used to seal the construction joints in the slot pile walls erected during the structural operation. Smaller, specialized companies have, however, also been involved in the construction of the Warsaw Metro, e.g. as far as the sealing of stair cases and lift shafts was concerned.
Since August 2000, the operating company in charge of the entire Warsaw metro system has also used WEBAC Injection Resins for sealing purposes. Approx. 20 tons of WEBAC Special Products in total have been used for the construction work implemented on the Warsaw Metro. Everybody agrees that the sweeping success of the construction work is based on the high qualification standard of the Polish specialized companies and the excellent properties of the WEBAC Products used, which have all been examined and approved by the Polish Institute for Engineering and the Polish Hygiene Institute.

Of course it is a nice feeling to know that WEBAC has contributed to making such an important prestige object like the Warsaw Metro a safe and successful business.