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Rzeszow, Polen - Horizontal Water Stop (dpc) Installed in a Bank

WEBAC cured “wet feet”

A bank in Rzeszow in Poland literally had "wet feet". Moisture had penetrated the 50 cm thick brickwork in the basement of the building both vertically and horizontally up to 60%. The entire structure of the building was severely affected, the dampness endangering all documents and files stored in the basement rooms.

The executive company decided to put into place a horizontal water stop using WEBAC® 1403. Injecting this polyurethane resin means that the water transport through capillaries into the brickwork is prevented or at least reduced to a large extent. First of all, large cavities were closed using our PU Injection Foam Resin WEBAC® 151.
Then our 2-component polyurethane resin WEBAC® 1403 was injected under pressure until these cavities were saturated. The experts on site used WEBAC® 5611 to install an exterior sealant. A thin-film sealing material based on a cement-bound, bitumen-modified polymer dispersion, WEBAC® 5611 resists water pressure up to 7 bar at a film thickness of only 1 mm and has an excellent tear resistance of over 160%.
The exterior brickwork was then laid bare, cleaned and plastered, and the material applied on the plaster in two procedures. After allowing the coating to dry for three months the basement of the bank had "dry feet" and could be used again as an archive.