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Leaning Tower of Frankenhausen - Masonry Stabilization

The Leaning Tower in Bad Frankenhausen is more inclined than the Leaning Tower of Pisa and could be stabilized by a supporting corset, but the wall surfaces remained inclined.

Protective measures were needed to prevent rainwater from penetrating the masonry and to stabilize the inner wall shell, which had been compromised by erosion. Solution: In some areas, the mortar joints were drilled and filled with a drainage mortar. This mortar consisted of WEBAC® 4270, an epoxy resin mixed with quartz sand. This not only stabilized the masonry, but also allowed the water to drain away. In addition, this measure effectively prevented cracking of the joints and frost damage.




Masonry stabilization

(gypsum mortar masonry) better moisture protection, static stabilization

1 Stripping of joints

2 New pointing of joints using drainagemortar
   WEBAC® 4270 and quartz sand (grain size > 1.2 mm)

3 Covering the outer wall surfaces with gypsum render