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Acrylate Gels

WEBAC® 250

WEBAC® 250 is a slow-reacting polyacrylate gel for sealing in masonry, obstructing the capillaries.

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Range of Application

  • Damp proof course (dpc) in masonry
  • Sealing of surfaces in masonry


  • Polyacralyte-based injection gel
  • Swells upon contact with water
  • Very low viscosity
  • High elasticity
  • Slowly reacting
  • Good adhesion to mineral substrates
  • High resistance also in alcaline and salt-loaded areas


  • Injection by 2C pump (stainless steel)

WEBAC® 250: injection gel for sealing surfaces in masonry and for dpc

Within the group of WEBAC injection gels, the elastic, very low viscosity polyacrylate gel WEBAC® 250 is suitable for sealing surfaces in masonry. The gel can also be used for installing a post-construction damp-proof course in masonry. Masonry sealants based on this acrylate gel effectively prevent the penetration of moisture rising from the soil into the structure and its capillary rise here. WEBAC® 250 has excellent mechanical properties. Its extremely low (water-like) viscosity ensures very high penetration into mineral substrates. 

'Neue Wache' in Berlin: sealing of masonry with polyacrylate gel WEBAC® 250

The 'Neue Wache' in Berlin is one the most significant buildings of Classicism. Rising moisture had severely damaged the building constructed back in 1818. Within the framework of a five-month restoration project the injection gel WEBAC® 250 was used for installing a dpc in masonry. The gel was injected into the extremely thick walls by means of special drills. The engineers also used a WEBAC product for sealing the building's floor: the bituminous acrylate dispersion WEBAC® 5611.

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