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The Neue Wache, Berlin - Horizontal Sealing for Thick Masonry

WEBAC makes history

The Neue Wache on the boulevard Unter den Linden in Berlin is one of Germany's most significant classical buildings. Erected according to plans of the famous architect and master builder Karl Friedrich Schinkel in 1818, it was severely damaged during the war, rebuilt and turned into a memorial for the victims of fascism and militarism. Later, the ravages of time showed on the walls of the Neue Wache severely damaging this jewel of architecture due to rising moisture. During a renovation period of 5 months, the humidity problem was solved thanks to extensive know-how, sophisticated methods and WEBAC Products.

The narrow corridors and the enormous wall thickness were a real challenge. Experts had to use specially made drills in order to obtain the required drilling depth of up to 170 cm. WEBAC® 250, an elastic, low-viscosity two-component polyacrylate gel, was used for putting into place the horizontal sealing. The floor was also sealed with a WEBAC Product, namely the high-grade bituminous acrylate dispersion WEBAC® 5611.

Last month, the renovation work was completed. Now the Neue Wache is as beautiful as ever and can enter the next millennium safely. And of course, we are quite proud of "making history".