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PU Injection Foam Resins


WEBAC® 157 is an elastic PU injection foam resin with a fine-pored foam structure. WEBAC® 157 is specially designed for applications with movements within the structure.

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Range of Application

  • Sealing of:
    • Junctions between cast in-situ concrete and precast units
    • Semiprecast concrete elements joints
    • Separation joints in buildings
    • Expansion joint tapes with stainless steel rails
    • Pipe ducts
    • Floor/wall connection
  • Filling of cavities/voids in masonry
  • Sealing of anchor heads in special civil engineering


  • Polyurethan-based injection foam resin
  • Fine pored and elastic foam structure
  • Low expansion pressure
  • Adjustable reaction time (accelerator WEBAC® B15)


WEBAC® 157: injection foam resin for temporary sealing and filling

WEBAC® 157 is a flexible PU foam. The elastic foam resin is designed for the temporary closing, sealing and filling of cracks, cavities and gaps in masonry, natural stone and concrete. It is suitable for use in water tanks, canals and other hydraulic engineering structures. The flexible foam WEBAC® 157 can also be applied in shaft construction. WEBAC® 157 has an elastic foam structure. It is thus also suitable for areas where limited structural movements are to be expected.

Flexible foam with high capillary activity

The elastic foam WEBAC® 157 is characterized by its low viscosity and high capillary activity and contains water-reactive components. It is therefore especially suited for the temporary sealing of cracks. At 21 °C, the foam formation begins about 20 seconds after contact with water. If necessary, the foam formation can be accelerated by using WEBAC® B15. A secondary injection with WEBAC PU injection resins is necessary to ensure a permanent sealing effect.

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