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Dispersion for Walls and Floors

WEBAC® 5611

WEBAC® 5611 is a bituminous acrylate dispersion for sealing surfaces of building structures with ground contact. It is specially designed for applications in monument conservation.

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Range of Application

  • Building sealants for exterior wall surfaces, floors and bases against ground water and flood water
  • Sealing underneath facade coatings
  • Composite sealing in case of pressing water
  • Landfill coverings in connection with geotextile
  • Plaster sealings, specially in monument conservation
  • Building sealants in civil engineering, tunnel and shaft constructions
  • Horizontal sealing against surface water
  • Bonding layer (without cement) for highly absorptive or non-absorptive substrates
  • Interior negative-side waterproofing


  • Adheres to:
    • Non-absorptive surfaces
    • Dry and damp mineral surfaces
    • Tar-containing or bituminous substrates
  • Overcoatable with various silicone/resin paints
  • Good crack bridging properties
  • Steam permeable
  • Resistant to de-icing salts
  • Sprayable


  • By roller or wide brush

WEBAC® 5611: highly resistant acrylate dispersion for sealing surfaces against pressing water

WEBAC® 5611 is a highly resistant and sprayable bituminous acrylate dispersion. It is designed for sealing surfaces against pressing water. WEBAC® 5611 can be used in civil engineering, foundation engineering, tunneling and construction engineering, and the sealing system is especially suited for use in monument conservation. 

WEBAC® 5611 is an active sealing system; separately available Portland cement is added to the bitumen modified acrylate dispersion. The two components interact chemically and physically after mixing. They are perfectly matched as regards cross-linking and film formation of the dispersion on the one hand and hydration of the cement on the other hand.

WEBAC® 5611 offers reliable protection from salts detrimental to the building structure

The excellent properties of WEBAC® 5611 are only obtained if the specified mixing ratio of 1 : 0.8 parts of cement is complied with. Thanks to the hydrophobizing effect of its bitumen content WEBAC® 5611 provides reliable protection from damage caused by salts detrimental to the building structure (salt resistance). WEBAC® 5611 can be used without undercoat or primer. It is recommended to apply a priming coat of WEBAC® 5611 without added cement before use. WEBAC® 5611 is usually applied by roller or wide paint brush but the acrylate dispersion is also suitable for spraying. 

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