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A Classic for a Classic

WEBAC®1403 and the „Villa Buchhof“

WEBAC offers its customers classic products for a variety of applications in the protection and restoration of buildings. WEBAC has for more than 30 years been manufacturing its “classic” WEBAC® 1403, a polyurethane resin which set standards very early thanks to its outstanding properties never achieved by its competitors.

  • Thanks to its low viscosity, WEBAC® 1403 assures optimum penetration of the injection material into the building structure, right into the finest capillaries, within a wide temperature range.
  • Its optimized humidity reaction results in the formation of a closed and tight pore structure. This additionally increases the flexibility of the sealing.
  • In many cases WEBAC® 1403 can also be used for stopping of and sealing against lightly pressing water by foaming in the presence of building moisture. An injection resin is then not required.
  • Thanks to its long working time WEBAC® 1403 is very userfriendly, also in critical situations.
  • The reaction times of the PU injection resin can be individually adjusted to the conditions on the building site to accelerate the curing process. WEBAC® B14 is used for this purpose.
  • WEBAC® 1403 is one of the first products tested and approved for use on surfaces in contact with potable water.
  • WEBAC® 1403 is characterized by its unique, user friendly mixing ratio of 1:1 (parts by volume).

Today WEBAC® 1403 is mainly used for post-construction damp proof courses, one of the most common application ranges in the protection of buildings. Many known and unknown, impressive and inconspicuous, special and “normal” objects has been protected by WEBAC® 1403. One of the latest examples in this long series of objects is the “Buchhof” in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. Known as ”Villa Buchhof“, it was converted from the core of an old farmhouse into an elegant palatial estate under the direction of the German architect Böhm in 1929. Today it is a two-storey villa with eight rooms and a 5,000 m² large garden. In the course of the complete restoration of the estate all the foundation walls had to be provided with a post-construction damp proof course to protect the building from rising moisture. To do so, drill holes, partly arranged in single rows, partly in two rows, were made into the 40–70 cm thick solid brickwork by slant drilling, and the brickwork was sealed on all sides using drilling packers and an injection pump with WEBAC® 1403.

The “Villa Buchhof” is now freshly sealed and restored and once again a jewel of architecture for its new owner. WEBAC® 1403 is and will be a proven classic and a jewel for every building protector.