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AquaDom Berlin

WEBAC® 4170 saves Exotic Fish in Elevator

The world’s largest cylindrical aquarium AquaDom is situated in Berlin’s central district ‘Mitte’ and contains about 1 million liters of water. With so much water WEBAC is in great demand. The AquaDom is located in the hotel lobby of the Radisson SAS Hotel in the city quarter Dom Aquaree in the heart of Berlin.

Over 2,600 exotic tropical fish can be enjoyed from a glass elevator. 100 different species live in this aquarium which is the only one of its kind world-wide. The AquaDom is 14 m high, has a diameter of over 11 m and a total weight of approx. 2,000 tons. The cylinder’s four parts had to be installed in the existing hotel lobby by means of Europe’s biggest crane. After trial filling the cylinder with fresh water and putting into operation the technical systems, the cylinder’s ring sealing showed leaks. Targeted injections into cracks and cavities in the concrete plate, on which the cylindrical structure is based, had to be implemented to effectively seal the structure.

This efficient and reliable crack injection was carried out at a counter pressure of 14 m water column. Thanks to WEBAC® 4170, the AquaDom could be filled with salt water and 2,600 fish and was inaugurated in early summer this year.