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Dietershantunnel Fulda

Tunnel Repair with WEBAC Products

The German company Schmutz from Karlsruhe participated in the repair work on the Dietershan tunnel of German Rail (DB) which took place under very difficult conditions. The 7,375 meter double-track electrified tunnel rail section was built from 1983 to 1987.

The interior shell of the double-shell tunnel - exterior shotcrete shell, interior site-mixed concrete shell - showed severe cracks. A total of 10,000 meters of cracks on the reinforced concrete interior shell of the tunnel had to be repaired along the rail section between Fulda and Michelsrombach. The entire project was a great challenge and turned out to be a sweeping success.

Moreover, cooperation with WEBAC-Chemie GmbH was perfect. The following products, registered with the BASt list, were used: WEBAC® 4110 where structural strength was required, the PU injection resin WEBAC® 1405 for the sealing and flexible bridging of cracks and WEBAC PU foam resin . The injection of these products was implemented according to ZTV-RISS. The crack repair work was carried out from a narrow path at night from 11.00 pm to 6.00 am and over weekends so that normal railway traffic was not impaired. The sensitive power lines and the contact wire had to be protected against dust by means of a cover every time work was taken up. Due to the tight schedule the company commissioned was forced to work at low temperatures.

The project was completed after 18 months of construction work so that now the way is clear again for German Rail.