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Europa-Park Rust

Sealing WEBAC High-Build Bituminous Coating

With 3.5 million visitors annually, the theme and fun park in Rust near Freiburg is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany – only the Cologne Dome attracts more visitors. When the park opened its doors back in 1975 it covered an area of 16 acres but has now grown to 65 acres and is much too large to be visited in just one day.
For this reason the park's first hotel was opened in 1995, followed by a second one in 1999. These two hotels are booked to 97 % of their capacity throughout the year, which is why a third hotel is now being constructed. A large hotel complex with 1,400 beds was planned, i.e. twice the size of the two existing hotels. The name "Hotel Colosseo" reflects the marvellous idea behind it: the hotel front will have the ring shape of the Roman Colosseum and the inner court will be a huge piazza, housing wells and pillars which will contribute to the Mediterranean flair in the same way as the theme rooms with high-sounding names such as, ‘Carneval di Venezia’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’.
The construction work began in January 2003, the hotel foundation was laid on 25 June 2003, and the first rooms have already been booked for June 2004.

The envisaged construction period of less than 1 year is a real challenge for everyone involved: competent partners had to be found to ensure a trouble-free implementation of the construction work. Materials had to be delivered ‘just in time’ as there are no storage facilities at the building site. This was one of the reasons why the company ads Hilss decided to cooperate with WEBAC. In cooperation with our competent and highly qualified field staff member Mr. Norbert Blumberg, the coating system WEBAC® 5621 according to DIN 18195, stress type 4-6, was selected for the sealing of over 3,000 m². The system consists of the primer WEBAC® 5620, reinforcement fabric and the polystyrene-filled WEBAC® 5621. One major advantage of this coating system is that the primer and the high-build bituminous coating can be sprayed onto the substrate which is a particularly economical and quick application technique.

Thanks to such good cooperation, the entire hotel complex could be sealed within a short period of time. The clients are content and the visitors to the park will be happy with the ‘Hotel Colosseo’ as they will be able to admire a piece of ‘Old Rome’ in the Europa-Park Rust.