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Oder Dam


The Oder Dam (German: Odertalsperre) is a dam in the Harz mountains of Germany. It lies above Bad Lauterberg in the district of Osterode am Harz in Lower Saxony, went into service in 1934 and serves for flood protection and power generation.

The dam was comprehensively restored from 2011 to 2015.

Damage in the inspection chambers

Cracks, cavities and leaking joints, many damp/wet areas, partially pressing water in the lower section


The dam’s concrete core was injected and sealed with (accelerated) WEBAC PURseal + Accelerator ACC3 (ACC3 only partially). Sitting on a chair the technicians were let down on a rope into the inspection chambers in order to inject the material via mechanical packers provided with button head fittings using the injection pump WEBAC IP 320/30/30.
This pump easily injects the fast-reacting WEBAC SIPseal+ACC3 at a high material flow rate, also over long tube distances – up to 60 m as in this case – delivering the material evenly and reliably to the right spot.