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Underground Car Park Bad Godesberg

Repair and visual enhancement of an underground car park using WEBAC® 4480

After being in use for almost 30 years the underground car park in the old town of Bad Godesberg, which holds 700 parking spaces, was in desperate need of repair and visual enhancement to attract visitors and was therefore completely modernized.

In cooperation with our WEBAC Consultants and the commissioned company Willi de Graaff, Holz und Bautenschutz GmbH from Bonn, which is specialized in the protection of wood and building constructions, a concept based on WEBAC Products was developed. Renovation Blastrac®Shotblasting was used to remove any soiling and brittle particles from the concrete surfaces and to prepare them for the priming coat.
Cracks near the surface were filled with WEBAC® 4204 and quartz sand scattered on the surface. Large holes and cavities were filled with EP resin putty made of WEBAC® 4204 and quartz sand applied in a graded particlesize distribution curve. After allowing the material to cure for 24 hours the primer WEBAC® 4204 was applied on the entire surface.
In very oily areas, the special EP primer WEBAC® 4270 was used in addition. WEBAC® 4270 is a special primer which is compatible with water and oil and suitable for any dry, damp, wet and porous, oily surfaces of mineral nature. To make the approach and incline ramp areas slip-resistant, coarse quartz sand was added to the fresh priming coat.
Then the epoxy roller coating WEBAC® 4480 was applied directly from the mixing vessel, distributed evenly with a rubber blade and the coating leveled with a short-pile lamb's wool roller. WEBAC® 4480 is a 2-component epoxy coating applicable by brush and roller which is characterized by its excellent hiding power obtained even at a very low film thickness. This is the first time WEBAC® 4480 was used on surfaces accessible by vehicles in an underground car park. Besides the technical parameters, this product was used thanks to its low consumption rate of 400-500 g/sqm and the low costs involved. Thanks to the low film thickness required, the general surface texture and the slip resistance of the ramps remained perfectly intact after applying the finish. Following the curing process the coating is now glossy mat in a light gray color shade and does not show any roller marks.

Fortunately the inconveniences for visitors could be kept to a minimum because only quickcuring materials were used so that the repair work could be finished in the twinkling of an eye. Now the multi-story car park is a pleasant place painted in a friendly, light gray (RAL 7032).